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Microlight training in Durban, South Africa

Microlight training in Durban - South Africa - on its own, or as a conversion from a PPL - offers relatively low-cost training and is attracting an increasing number of students.

  • On its own, microlight training in Durban - South Africa - offers a flying qualification for less than the half the cost of a conventional licence. It is ideal for a person with a powerful urge to fly and a very tight budget.

    A bonus is that many of your PPL training hours can be credited towards your microlight conversion.



Approximate microlight training costs

All prices quoted include excellent accommodation.

Fixed-wing PPL : R80 000
Helicopter HPPL : R160 000
Microlight MPPL : R35 000

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Comments on learning to fly in South Africa

'The country offers fantastic opportunities for the student pilot'
- Ian Seager, Publisher,
The Flyer Magazine (UK)

'Been  back  for  a week  and  I'm missing flying and South Africa at  the moment'
- Neil Hughes
(UK) graduate HPPL Game Conservation

'I'd be happy to talk to people. I had a  good  experience there, and can understand how they might need some reassurance'
- Chris Buells
(USA) graduate HPPL in Durban

'I'm coming to South Africa again this summer to do instrument rating and hour building. Thank u again so much for all u did'
- Mohammed Zafer
(Egypt) graduate PPL in Durban

'I'm still trying to talk my dad into coming with me in the summer if i come back. I would enjoy it a lot to see everyone again plus i can do a lot more flying'
- Chris Marsh
(UK) graduate PPL in Durban

'I've been contacted by a person called Bill .... absolutely delighted to tell him how successful my experience of Durban was .... extremely positive .... I said my 8 weeks were completely faultless. I will be back!'
- Euan Kidd
(Scotland) graduate PPL in Durban