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If you are interested in doing your flying training at a flight school in South Africa, please fill in the form below, or telephone, fax or email us, and we will get back to you soon.

Airborne Pilot Training South Africa
Office Tel: + 27 (0)31 562 0948
Mobiles: Samantha +27 (0)83 3584 575

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Comments on learning to fly in South Africa

'The country offers fantastic opportunities for the student pilot'
- Ian Seager, Publisher,
The Flyer Magazine (UK)

'Been  back  for  a week  and  I'm missing flying and South Africa at  the moment'
- Neil Hughes
(UK) graduate HPPL Game Conservation

'I'd be happy to talk to people. I had a  good  experience there, and can understand how they might need some reassurance'
- Chris Buells
(USA) graduate HPPL in Durban

'I'm coming to South Africa again this summer to do instrument rating and hour building. Thank u again so much for all u did'
- Mohammed Zafer
(Egypt) graduate PPL in Durban

'I'm still trying to talk my dad into coming with me in the summer if i come back. I would enjoy it a lot to see everyone again plus i can do a lot more flying'
- Chris Marsh
(UK) graduate PPL in Durban

'I've been contacted by a person called Bill .... absolutely delighted to tell him how successful my experience of Durban was .... extremely positive .... I said my 8 weeks were completely faultless. I will be back!'
- Euan Kidd
(Scotland) graduate PPL in Durban